Consumer Pricing

Consumer Price Guide:

All Prices below are correct as of 01/04/17 – Valid until 01/05/17

Service – Non Hardware Services

Price(£) Timescale Hour(s)

  • PC/laptop computer health check – £25 (1 Hour)
  • WiFi Health Check – £25.00 (0.5 Hour)
  • WiFi Upgrade –Depending on the size and construction of the property the required components and
    time may vary greatly, contact us to arrange a free survey of the property.
    (All quotes will be delivered 48 hours after survey.)
    Dependent On Site Survey
    Dependent on Property Size

Service – Virus & Malware removal

Price(£) Timescale Hour(s)

  • Virus removal low infection on a fast PC – £30.00 (0.5 Hour)
  • Virus Removal high infection on a slow PC – £70.00 (3 Hours)
    For some virus infections we may be required to carry out a full Windows operating system installation in order to guarantee that your system is virus free.

Service – Education & Support

Price Per Hour £P/H

  • Basic tuition – per hour
    (basic computer usage, such as eBay, safe browsing, office applications, Windows 8+ etc.)              (£40.00P/H)
  • Support task (any) up to 1 hour  (£40.00P/H)
  • 1 hour on site
    (broadband configurations, printers, wireless etc) (£50.00P/H)
  • 2 hours on Site
    (unlikely unless there are numerous computers) (£85.00 P/H)

Service – Hardware Services
(Any internal work will include a full dust removal service)

Price (£) Timescale Hour(s)

  • RAM/Memory upgrade
    (ram not included) (£10.00 Same Day)
  • Hard drive replacement
    With basic windows installation, no data to recover and no computer to set back up (500GB drive)            (£80.00 2 Working Days)
  • Hard drive Upgrade
    (this will take an exact copy of current Windows system installation, including your files and any installed software)
    This service does not include a new hard drive – please ask for a price for the hardware. Price will vary dependent on the size and type required for the upgrade. (£60.00 3 Working Days)
  • Data Recovery (File Recovery)
    Logical damage – typically ranges from £40 to £190 depending on the size and complexity of the case (If we cannot retrieve your files you will not be charged)
    Dependent On Severity Dependent On Severity
  •  Data Transfer Service (Transfer files from one PC To another) (£60.00 2 Working Days)
  •  Windows Installation (OS Disk Not Included) (£35.00 3 Working Days)
  •  24 Hour Priority Service(subject to availability of parts)
    £15.00 Extra Most Jobs Completed Same Day